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Training of Trainers on how to use, You are Global - The Program

Free access to the digital version of  You are Global - The Program


handheld events and Workshops

At Trust-Education we work for a global vision! 

That civic education, world citizenship, become a priority of all children and young people's everyday lives throughout their educational life.

The World citizen is a person that takes active part in the world around him or her, forms an opinion, reflects upon own actions and see him or her self as valuable part of humanity.  

Many children and young people takes an active part in their community and the world in general, but even more only thinks of themselves. 

The World citizen is a part of a global joined identity. 

Why Trust-Education?

​Through focus on education, we aim to ensure that children and young people may grow up trusting their own and others possibilities in all walks of life. 

Trust-Education wants to be part of the change for all children and young people, regardless of where they live on the planet.

Trust-Education offers to become an active part of your teaching.

We stand by you through every step of the way, arranges student workshops and tailor made hand-held teaching courses based on the material, You are Global - The Program.

We offer you new perspectives on world citizenship education and training on how to make world citizenship a visible competence at your particular school in the future. 

Courses and workshops intended for Primary school, all levels.

Handheld courses, based on the material, You are Global - The Program

Workshop 1 - The school of the future

Special courses where content is developed and organized in collaboration between the school's teachers, management and Trust-Education.

Workshop 2 - Globalization and coherence​​

An innovative course - The Man who traveled alone.


Identity, Education and World Citizenship 

Building bridge between the trust in ourselves and the trust in the surrounding world. 

An educational and historical journey through the World Citizenship concept. 


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