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At Trust-Education we work for a global vision! 

That civic education, world citizenship, become a priority of all children and young people's everyday lives throughout their educational life.

The World citizen is a person that takes active part in the world around him or her, forms an opinion, reflects upon own actions and see him or her self as valuable part of humanity.  

The world citizen is part of the solution and believes that as a human being, you can contribute to and influence a world that calls for global development and positive change for everyone. 

Many children and young people takes an active part in their community and the world in general, but even more only thinks of themselves.

The World citizen is a part of a global joined identity.

Why Trust-Education?

Trust-Education offers you a journey into the history and concrete topicality of the World Citizen concept. 

Through project days and workshops, you will have the opportunity to engage yourself in current issues from a World Citizens perspective. Based on yourself and in a multidisciplinary collaboration with other students at your school and Trust-Education, you will get closer to the history behind and the value of the World Citizen concept.

We offer you to become co-players in the Think Tank, where you will act as an active group, but where the individual narrative forms the framework. We offer a perspective in which living conditions are based on the individual, but are experienced in the light of the global human being.


Also available are the special World Citizen courses, where you as a educational institution dictates your specific needs for the content, needs for outcome and duration.


You are Global - The Program

World Citizen day 1

Wonder - Perspectives - Diversity

World Citizen day 2

Challenges - Solutions - Actions

The Think Tank

The historical development of World Citizenship in a contemporary context


Globalization and World Citizenship

Faith, Hope and Action Creates Transformation - A Positive Story of Women's Life in Refugee Camps


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