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International Workshops and courses in vulnerable children and youth environments

At Trust-Education we work for a global vision! 

That civic education, world citizenship, become a priority of all children and young people's everyday lives throughout their educational life.

The World citizen is a person that takes active part in the world around him or her, forms an opinion, reflects upon own actions and see him or her self as valuable part of humanity.  

The world citizen is part of the solution and believes that as a human being, you can contribute to and influence a world that calls for global development and positive change for everyone. 

Many children and young people takes an active part in their community and the world in general, but even more only thinks of themselves.

The World citizen is a part of a global joined identity.

Why Trust-Education?

Trust-Education offers education in World Citizenship as part of the capacity building of local people in areas of crisis.


Understanding governance and the role of the individual in a highly globalized world are essential elements in rebuilding local as well as national societies.

The target group is children and young people, but the concept can also be contextualized to an adult audience. 


World citizenship is in line with the UN's 17 sustainable development goals and can therefore be seen as part of an overall ambition.

Prior to any course, there will be a dialogue between Trust-Education and your organization. The dialogue should uncover aspects such as; Time available, Beneficiaries, Final goals, Evaluation and Follow-up, etc.


Each course or debate will be adapted to the recipient.

Workshops & project days

Workshop in You are Global - The Program.

Workshops in local children and youth environments

Specially designed and organized handheld courses for vulnerable children and young people

Points for discussion

The World Citizen is more than an educational ideal. It is a global education policy objective.

The historical evolution of the World Citizen concept.

The formation of World Citizenship creates an opportunity for equality that goes across religion, culture, gender and ethnicity.


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