• Camilla Weidinger


Hello Worldfamily

This has been a great weekend indeed. Trust-Education became a part of the LinkedIn community.

Trust-Education was founded by Camilla Weidinger, and the aim is to develop a platform for educational sharing and reflection, where everyone who educates or work in the interest of Children’s Rights for education, can benefit from various training materials.

You are Global – The Program, is a reflection material seen from a World Citizens perspective. Many children are being evaluated through a variety of tests, Trust-Education does not use tests, but instead provides a platform in which students of all ages are encouraged to reflect and create new and alternative solutions in all aspects of society.

During the research building up this program, Trust-Education became more and more alive. What is the most important resource for any society? Educated citizens!

However, in many instances a quality education is a significant cost to a family and hence not a realistic option.

So how do we get education for free?

We can share with each other and that is what Trust – Education intent to do by developing and sharing knowledge.

Because everything is created without any kind of funding, and because it is not about making money, we are so depended on the willingness of others who can share, You are Global – The Program and spread the news about Trust-Education.

You are Global – The Program is currently being implemented as an active part of curriculum on several schools in Denmark. We believe in education and because children is our future, they should have the best possibilities to create and shape a good life for themselves and others locally, nationally and globally.

Kind regards