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At Trust-Education we work for a global vision! 

That civic education, world citizenship, become a priority of all children and young people's everyday lives throughout their educational life.

The World citizen is a person that takes active part in the world around him or her, forms an opinion, reflects upon own actions and see him or her self as valuable part of humanity.  

The world citizen is part of the solution and believes that as a human being, you can contribute to and influence a world that calls for global development and positive change for everyone. 

Many children and young people takes an active part in their community and the world in general, but even more only thinks of themselves.

The World citizen is a part of a global joined identity.

Why Trust-Education?

The world citizen idea has been around ever since ancient times and is therefore a well-known concept. However, the concept has been evolving over several thousands of years.

Trust-Education collaborates with the Secondary Education system trying to create an increased focus on the professional and human opportunities and results we can achieve as the identity unfolds in a global self-understanding and confidence in the world around us.

Through projects, lectures and events, Trust-Education offers to be an active participant and partner in your teaching and education broadly. We will assist you in any way, shape or form, so that the students get the most benefit from the process.


The projects are innovative and the students work on the basis of the material, You are global - The Program. Here it is about taking an active position, reflecting on one's own values ​​with other students and participating in visionary processes where the final vision is designed to promote the good life, either locally, nationally or globally. 

We offer presentations that are open to debate for both teachers and students. 

Projects for students

The Educational institution of the future

You are Global - The Program

World Citizenship

The good life and The free will

Points for discussion

The World Citizen and the national citizenship

Identity, Education and World Citizenship

An educational-historical journey on the concept of the World Citizen

Building a bridge between trusting ourselves and trusting the world around us


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