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Trust-Education's vision is based on a educational philosophy about the world citizen.

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What is a World-Citizen?

The vision behind Trust-Education is based on a educational philosophy about the world citizen. The concept goes back further than our time and is based on a universal ethic, of which the good life originates. This means, among other things, that what is foreign to us becomes our concern. Not necessarily because we recognize what the unknown is, but because the unknown is an important part of the whole that constitutes a common direction and peace for our common life on the planet. The citizen of the world will look for thoughts, actions and solutions aimed at promoting the good life for present and future generations through immediate sustainable efforts. The world citizen lives consciously, reflects on one's own actions, communicates and works across nationality, ethnicity, religion and culture. The key to the world citizen is to create the best conditions and opportunities for humanity - not just for themselves!


Here at Trust-Education, the goal is that one day all children and young people in the world will be able to experience themselves as World Citizens, where global citizenship, human respect and the desire to contribute to a better world are a natural part of human habitus. Trust-Education has a vision of creating a common educational culture around World Citizenship, so that everyone, regardless of whether they are children or young people in the Nordic countries, in a refugee camp or wherever they live or come from, gets knowledge and opportunity to see themselves as part of the global community. You are Global -The Program, is designed to create reflection and experience. This is by listening to children and adolescents, working with them in everyday life and making their thoughts and ideas visible to other peers. Trust-Education works actively to create a festival that builds on knowledge sharing and strong communities through networking. The vision of the festival is for children and young people from all over the world to grow up and become co-creators in relation to a new era based on equality and trust in the good life for all - through sustainable thoughts and actions. The prerequisite for this to happen is free education and training.

You are Global - The Program

Trust-Education wants to collaborate with business, NGOs, educational institutions, the UN and the EU with the ambition to creating a common stand, raising financial resources and giving way to the sound of children's voices coming from all walks of life around the world. You are Global - The Program is designed for all children and young people, educators, and organizations who want to be co-creators and pave the way for an educational philosophical world culture that puts World Citizenship on the world map in a global present and future. You are Global - The Program is about reflection processes where children and young people put themselves at play with other peers - where teachers, organizations and educational institutions work for a global common culture, through dialogue and exchange across borders between children and young people. By seeking knowledge and creating an educational environment where children and young people globally can develop trust, experience differences, exchange ideas, create cohesion and just wonder, they will be able to influence each other in the belief of a better shared future and strong sustainable communities.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing plays a key role and can influence both global, national and local conditions towards creating better living conditions, increasing awareness of children's rights as well as the right to education and a good life. Through dialogue, thought and action in relation to the various categories of the game, we take into account, among other things, existential conditions, cultural issues and the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Trust -Education wants to contribute to an awareness that makes us and our children and young people think about how we have positioned ourselves as people in the world and not least how together we can find solutions to a better life for all regardless of who they are or where they come from.

The only beings capable of restraining man are man himself.

The only beings able to change and fight against inequality, violate human rights, create common ground for common solutions and show human respect and honesty are man himself.

At Trust-Education, we believe that world-wide habitus can be developed through education and training, which over time will have a sustainable impact on our relationship with other people and in our confidence in building a global community. In Trust-Education, we work for a Global Vision, where the World Citizen must be a global educational policy ideal based on the will to wish the good life for everyone in the present and future.