You are Global - The Program, can be used in all children and youth environments.

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You are Global - The Program is a globally oriented educational material for reflection . This means that children and young people from all over the world will have access to it, either in digital or physical form. The Program does not have a built-in loser or winning mentality. Participants must seek knowledge and be challenged on their own positions through dialogue and attitude. Our fellow human beings show us a picture of the world so that we can nuance our own. Innovation, reflection and collaboration are the key elements. You are Global -  The Program can be used as part of the teaching and takes place on different levels.

Level 1 - Primary School grade 1-3

Level 2 - Primary School grade 4-6

Level 3 - Primary School grade 7-10, Secondary Education and Folk High Schools  

Everyone starts with Level 1 regardless of age. This is to create a knowledge base, for the reflexive processes it requires to engage in, You are Global - The Program, and in life as a human being and a world citizen.


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The thoughts behind The Program

The core of The Program is based on the joy of sharing knowledge and points of view with others as we work on the very formation of global co-responsibility and the discovery of world citizenship. The Program intends to create thought processes and highlight different perspectives that can help create new insights around and about children and adolescents.


You are global, therefore, speak to conscious attitudes, the experience of identity and invite active citizenship through creative and innovative gaming processes. 

The Program is based on dialogue, research, reflection, collaboration, action and trust through the various categories. The Program is also based on parts of the UN's 17 sustainable development goals for 2030, and on existential concepts.

Trust-Education believes that World Citizen education takes place from the inside, through enlightenment, action and independent attitude towards the global community, where we are all part of the solution.

With You are Global - The Program, Trust-Education seeks to contribute to a new awareness of how we have positioned ourselves as people in the world and how we put ourselves at risk with an active, responsible, trusting, innovative and compassionate approach to each other locally, nationally and globally.

The Program is intended as a Global Vision, where children and young people shop locally but think globally. The digital version is available on the website. Sign up for free and download the digital version of, You are Global -The Program.